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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lumbering and Slumbering

One lesson I am learning and relearning in this Christmas Carol production is that to do theatre at this level one must have an acute attention to detail, and be able to manifest that attention to detail, with what? With one's body, one's face and voice. Every element of movement and speech must work towards the intended end, an end which may be multifaceted. This putting together of song, speech, movement and interaction isn't new to me, but NC Shakespeare is demanding more from me than I've had to give before. Trying to incorporate all the corrective notes I'm receiving is forcing me to become a nimbler, more conscious performer, less of an instinctive shuffler, more of a honed and prepared professional. I feel like a Popsicle stick being used as a scalpel.

Oh yeah, happy Thanksgiving! And nothing says Thanksgiving like John Coltrane!

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