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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been awfully busy, what with the Christmas Carol and the being sick (again) but I think the main reason I haven't posted is that I mostly use the blog as a way to impose my luminous magnificence onto the world. Lately, though, I feel like I'm giving all I got to this show. It's amazing how a full-on professional show can command one's first fruits.

Anyway, I'm delighted with this experience, illness aside, and I've got another pro audition lined up. Also keep Frank in your thoughts, since he's up for a part in Gilligan's Island in New York. If you know Frank you know he loves him some Gilligan's Isle.


FLT3 said...

Thanks, Aaron! I really appreciate the good thoughts! :-) I am cautiously hopeful about the "Gilligan" tour...not sure how soon it will be cast, but I would guess within a couple of weeks.
Glad to hear Christmas Carol is going well...I wish I could see it!

Anonymous said...

Aaron, I am so glad that you are getting the opportunities in the theater that you so deserve. Congratulations.