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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Synape Firings

A guy named Kevin Kelly has some interesting thoughts about making a living as a guerrilla creative artist. As I contemplate making a go as an actor/improvist in another city, I might want to keep this in mind...

Anyway, Laurie got me a Bluetooth so I can yack at her while I clean my apartment. Result: lots more cleaning. Some longstanding and seemingly intractable messes are vanishing. I've gotten more done by cleaning while chatting with Laurie in NC than I ever have on my own. Her unsentimental nature is scraping up against my sentimental packrattiness (She ordered me to throw out some sentimental mementos, particularly postcards from past loves... go figure! I didn't respond by ordering her to pitch her dozen photo binders of ex-boyfriend photos, because that's just the kind of sweet boyfriend I am.)

The downside is that by spending each night cleaning, I'm getting no movie watching done. I watched the first five minutes of Stalker (By Tarkovsky, an astonishing filmmaker) the other day... it was awesome, but it was only five minutes of a loooong movie. Maybe this weekend I'll dig into it.

Also this weekend I start work on Macbeth. I have a shall-we-say supporting role, but the director wants me to stop cutting my hair or shaving until the show's over, just to get that wild-man look. Yep, that's me, primal as all get-out.


Jonathan said...

So, when are you moving? Don't skip town without letting everyone know. We'll have to have an Aloha Aaron party.

Aaron White said...

I'll be leaving as soon as I have a certain amount of money squirreled away. Somewhere between a few months and never, depending on how successfully I reform my financial activity.

Thanks for offering up a party! I'd probably show up too late.