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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Obama gave a great speech, that Race speech. Here's how good it was: all the Yahoonews opinion pundits, on both sides of the aisle, whose bread and butter depends on oversimplification, phony outrage, demonization and cheap rhetorical games, are tirading about how lousy the speech was. If Obama actually manages to acclimatize us to political rhetoric that is heartfelt, subtle, meaningful, and which honestly addresses deeply buried anxieties in a productive fashion, then all the Coulters and the Ralls and the Malkins will be faking Nazi muggings for attention like Morton Downey Junior.

Some folks are asking why Obama would go to a church in which the preacher says things like "God damn America." I suspect a lot of those asking are folks who don't have much experience going to church. Here's the deal: You don't always agree with your Preacher. And that's okay, at least in the better churches. It's not when you disagree with the Preacher that you gotta leave; it's when the Preacher demands that everybody agree that you gotta leave. (Of course you may substitute Rabbi, Priest, etc. for Preacher on an as-needed basis)

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Heard about this shop on NPR. Apparently they have a bazillion brands of soft drink (or coke as we say here... it's all coke. Pepsi is coke) in their brick and mortar store. The online shop is more limited, but the NPR story suggests that the shop is an Aladdin's Cavern of fizzy drinks.

I'd love to visit. I hate soft drinks, but I'd love to hear the owner, who obviously has a cultivated palate for soft drinks (which is odd; the whole point of soft drinks is that they don't require a cultivated palate) explain the subtle distinctions between a dozen different kinds of orange pop. Maybe I'd find something I'd like. Chocolate egg creams sound tempting. Too bad it's all made with corn syrup instead of sugar nowadays.


Anonymous said...

I have got to agree that it was an incredible speech. I listened to it live and had to stop working. I wa impressed not only because of the content, but the guy really can get your attention talking. Seriously hypnotic.

What is weird to me though is the backlash. Not that there was one, I kinda figured there would still be some folks out there who would not be satisifed, but by the nature of their criticism.

All the noise on talk radio and on the news is of guys saying that Obaman didnt explain how it was possible he didnt know the guy wa slike that (he said he did know and loved him anyway) or why he didnt just denounce the guy (he explained that too because he was like family) or any number of things that sugges that THEY DID NOT LISTEN.

I also expect that after every event there are people on both sides who talk out of their butts, but I am surprised that all the criticisms (and they are admittedly few) seem to be based on a completely fictional speech given in an alternative universe. Strange...this makes me think that he might be an even better choice than I previously thought. all the bad guys can come up with is dumb stuff.

I am also surprised tht Hillary didnt read the speech before commenting on it...it took 45 minutes to listen to but maybe 10 to read.

I am jazzed that Richardson is supporting barack..because it might mean that the ideal ticket I dreamed of this time last year Obama Richardson...might be a possibility and I eanr major foresight points with everyone I told that to.

The biggest point that it was agood speech is that were still talking about it.


Aaron White said...

Obama/Richardson would totally bag my vote.