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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Saturday J'mel's group The Feminist Debutante Guild did a monologue show. All the monologues were written by J'mel, with a slew of performers. I was pleased to be one of the performers, and although I'm not entirely happy with my work (I could give you a list of things I did wrong, but David Mamet pointed out that it's rude to the audience for actors to do so) it went quite well!

One problem: one performer, whom I've worked with before and knew to be a talented actor, didn't show up at call time. The director called this actor-whom we'll call Box for reasons which shall remain obscure- and Box explained that he was drunk, in a bar, having a panic attack. So the director did a perfectly fine staged reading of the monologue. All was well.

Later that night we sat on the deck of a popular late-night bar and grill, scarfing down burgers, when who should come shambling by, with a girl on his arm, but Box. He turned on his panty-removing charm and apologized to us all, but it was a cloying "Pwease wuv me" apology, the kind sleazy boyfriends use to bamboozle their girlfriends into forgiving their infidelities. "Don't hate me" was his refrain. I don't hate him, but I've lost respect for him, and I'm worried for him.

There was a time when I did similar no-shows for little local films in which I didn't really want to take part, and while the films turned out badly or not at all I'm sorry I handled it that way. Now I understand that one should simply keep one's promises or not make promises. Show up or sod off.


FLT3 said...

I would like to go on record as saying I am NOT "Box." I have numerous witnesses as to my whereabouts on Saturday night, and sometimes it's good to establish innocence early on... In the words of Goldstein, "I'm just sayin'..."


Aaron White said...

"Box" is not one of my readers or commenters. I don't plan to start snitching on my handful of regular readers!

Mr. Goldstein can probably guess who "Box" is, but I don't want to name the guy here.

Andy said...

Neither am I 'box' although there are more than a few who would like to box my ears for me...


Aaron White said...

Now I feel silly for giving the man of mystery such a goofy pseudonym. The more people use it, the goofier it seems.

And no, it's not Andy, nor J. Goldstein. AFAIK he's never been involved with Centerstage.

Anonymous said...

I know who "Box" is... but, I had to ask around to find out.

Aaron White said...

I named him after an invention of his... the _____ box.