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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quick Update

I seem to be able to put my contacts in and take them out now. A really cool lady named Joyce taught me to break it down into a step-by-step process, and to take my time instead of rushing through it and trying to get it over with. Getting much-needed advice from people I didn't know has been a motif in my life lately.

Rehearsal for Fuddy Meers has entered the stage where we can see that things will start to take shape as soon as we really know our lines. When we can clip through the scenes without hollering for the stage manager to feed us our lines, we'll be able to really put in all the little touches that make a show special.

Check out Zagreb Studio's animated shorts. Netflix has a few of them. I'm working my way through Laugh At Your Own Risk/For Children Only, and it's Fab-o. The opening short ties right into my dreams: a man falls past a building, falling and falling, very fast, but with no anxiety. Things happen as he falls; he's on an effortless journey. At the end we discover that all is well. Put this film on a loop and you could keep be contented as a cow for hours.

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