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Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Say Faux

Our production of Fuddy Meers is taking shape! I think it has real potential to be a sleeper hit on the local theatre scene. And fake marijuana deserves some of the credit.

One of the characters in the show is a stoner, and the actor behind the part has been learning to roll fake doobs and smoke these herbal cigs that smell like real pot. Well, supposedly it's fake pot he's smoking. All I know is that while some of us are diligently rehearsing, about half the cast is running around backstage, passing around fake pot and giggling like effeminate hyenas. You never know what the community theatre experience is going to be.

Anyway, the psychosomatic contact buzz from the faux-weed has infected everyone with placebo-giggles and synthetic mellowness. It's helped us relax into the show instead of straining. We're really loosening up and making some splendid discoveries. We keep forgetting our lines and cues, though. Does fake pot kill brain cells?

For that matter, does fake pot act as a gateway to other fake drugs? Will we be drawn to snort pixy stiks? Will we wind up at the pretend-Methadone clinic?

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