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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Lapis Lazuli Wishbone

The first Lapis Lazuli Wishbone award for excellence in being someone I know goes to my friends D and T (so identified because apparently some folks don't like to be named by name on blogs, so now I'm trying to avoid naming anybody just to play safe.) D and T are a married couple living in the Old Country of Chattanooga. They were my friends years before most of my current friends, and kept sending me cool Christmas presents even when I didn't send them any for a few years. One of those gifts, a cool framed japanese print from some antique book, decorates my desk at work and brightens my day every day. I dissed their latest gift here on the blog, a breach of good taste, and by way of apology the Aaron White (I can use my own name, surely) Office of Intangible Awardettes is pleased to award D & T the the first Lapis Lazuli Wishbone.

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