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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Is Sick

Obviously it's too bad about the new Great Depression and all, but at least it came in time to head off Gidget Goes Alaskan at the the pass. That is to say, it was looking like the election was really going to come down to a big high school style popularity contest, but now that things have gotten manifestly scarier, folks will remember this election is about stewardship of the USA, not Whom-do-you-identify-with?

Interestingly a quick scan of Yahoo's Opinion page shows right-wing columnists are desperately trying to steer the conversation back to how mean libs are for picking on that nice Sarah Palin lady. It can't last; soon they'll have to start blaming the Left for deregulation and corporate greed.

BTW sorry I haven't posted lately. Aside from gossip about venal Kannapolis shenanigans that I daren't post at this time for fear of getting Laurie and/or me in big trouble, I don't have many updates. Plus I been sick. About the most interesting topic I could think of to blog about recently was a thing about how Yes (my favorite band in high school) has gone from being a creative unit to an innit-4-the-$ nostalgia act. You don't really wanna read that post, do you?

Next Day Postscript: Okay, Gidget Goes Alaskan is a cheap shot, but picking her as Veep was a cheap shot too. And while I respect people who think that McCain has more to offer in the way of stewardship than Obama (and I see the point) I hope Obama will win the election and rise to the occasion.

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