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Friday, April 11, 2008

You gonna argue or fish?

I was scanning an online story about a new inspirational book. The article-though not necessarily the book itself-refers to the importance of "fulfilling childhood dreams".

My childhood dream was to be a fisherman. Childrens' book illustrator Richard Scarey drew fisherman cats in yellow rain slickers that looked cheerful, sitting on their boats and fishing. It looked like an idyllic lifestyle to my four-year-old self. I told everybody how I was gonna be a fisherman.

Do I have to be a fisherman now? If I don't, have I turned my back on my childhood dreams?


Anonymous said...

You should write a one-man show about your childhood dream of being a fisherman, and your adult guilt about letting down your childhood self, because you never became a fisherman.

Aaron White said...

It's funny because it's true!

BTW I know I promised to see Glengarry this past weekend, but Laurie sez she wants to see it, and since she'll be in town this next weekend we'll catch it then.

Anonymous said...

You really could use that as the basis of a one-man show. I mean, you obviously couldn't do a whole show just on that subject, but it would be an interesting and funny starting point.

Cool. I'm glad y'all are going to make it to Glengarry. We got a really nice review in Saturday's paper, so I'm hoping for good crowds this weekend.

FLT3 said...

...or possibly about an adult who decides to ditch his grown-up life to run away and become a fisherman...

Aaron White said...

I think I'd make a lousy fisherman.