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Monday, April 07, 2008

Theatre Yappin'

Thinking about theatre a bit.

1. I could write a quite critical review of a show I saw over the weekend, but I won't because I have too many personal ties to the show. This is why theatre critics shouldn't be chummy with the theatre crowd; it won't do to pull one's punches on behalf of one's buddies. OTOH critics should also be astute and knowledgeable about theatre, which is hardly characteristic of B'ham's arbiters of taste at the Birmingham News.

2. Rehearsing Macbeth at Sloss Furnace is one of the most remarkable theatrical gigs I've ever had. In one scene Banquo speaks about how birds residing in the castle are good omens... as we rehearse in the great pavilion that is our playing space, birds actually swoop through the rafters.

3. Our slim and sexy costume designer and her slim and sexy friends dropped by to show our slim and sexy director what our slim-and-sexy-person-centric costumes will look like. Those of us who are not slim and sexy (me) will look very bad indeed in these costumes. Are they just unaware that there are fat folks in the show, or are they trying to shame us for the sin of obesity? I'm an American, for crying out loud; I'm supposed to be fat!


Jonathan said...

I'm assuming you're talking about Allergist's Wife. I think it was well performed... but, what a weird and odd show. I just don't care for the story itself.

Well... cleanse your palet over the next couple of days, and then come see Glengarry. I think you'll enjoy it.

Aaron White said...

You guessed right! I was frustrated by a lot of things, but I am glad some great talents got to strut their stuff.

That art, though... those aren't the paintings that these characters would have on their walls. Student paintings masquerading as highbrow art... it was painful to have such amateurish daubings blazing at the audience for the length of the show. I don't snark at student work when it's presented as such, but c'mon... if you're dressing a set that's supposed to be the home of sophisticated art lovers, putting such work on the walls undercuts the whole show by calling into doubt the production's understanding of the subject matter.