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Monday, January 28, 2008


This weekend Laurie and I went to the Psychic Fair at local occult bookshop Book, Bean and Candle. I got Sortelige (aka throwing the bones) and runes read; they're similar divination methods, but the runes seem to have established meanings while the stones and bones of sortelige have meanings which the caster, Lilith, arrived at intuitively. Both confirmed that I'm in a good relationship but I need to get my neuroses under control and stop being such a little emo-boy.

Meanwhile Laurie got her tarot read. She reads the cards too, and had a very different interpretation of the cards than the reader did... apparently in Tarot a card has different meanings depending on whether the card is right-side-up or upside-down. Laurie was of the opinion that the reading from the way she was facing made more sense than the reading the reader was looking at. The reader told her that our relationship is stagnating and she should ditch me. I could almost agree, except that we're not stagnating. Our relationship may be a black hole for her, but it's too new to be stagnant. Still, I have no problem reconciling the idea that she's good for me with the idea that I'm bad for her.

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