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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why, do you think?

I'm sure your friends aren't sending you enough Youtube links, so here.

This is pretty much the greatest thing ever. If I could do something as jaw-droppingly perfect as the first song on this clip, my life would be entirely justified. I also enjoy the way the host steals a kiss from the second act and a look of annoyance crosses her face for an instant. You know he took this gig purely out of a desire to get lucky with one of the guests. Too bad we don't get to hear the DeLorean song at the end. Truly, the 80s were a magic time. Or maybe they just seemed that way because I was a kid.

If you're wondering what Penney Peirce, the woman behind "Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?" is up to, the answer follows:

She looks happy and I'm glad, but I hope she'll put the lingerie back on and sing more outlandish punk songs for us.

Here's a video we first saw in Montreal, home of the artist:

Hope we get to see more of Socalled on our next trip to Montreal. Also hope we get to see The American Devices:

Here's a short some friends of mine made! It won awards of some kind.

And here's the closing credit sequence from Please Save My Earth becuz I love it.

And in conclusion,

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