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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't hate; Celebrate!

I was raised to rightly revile racism, but my hometown of Signal Mountain Tennessee is a White Christian Republican Pod-Person breeding ground, and while most White Christian Republican Pod-People are perfectly fine folks, some are Klansmen. I rode the schoolbus with the breed of such sad cases, and I have to wonder what all the white supremacists are thinking as the USA sees a black (or mixed-race, really, which hatin' honkies don't like either) man, who is clearly superior to any white supremacist on offer, become President. Part of me wants to gloat, but that's not really in tune with the proper spirit of the day, is it?

A lot of those racist kids tried to make friends with me, expecting me to be a fellow White Man. I of course gave those chinless wonders the icy-cold shoulder; I was an elitist, not a racist. But once we went to a high school with black students a lot of those klan kids discovered that class was a stronger bonding agent than race. They made friends with black kids and stopped wasting their time by trying to befriend me. By which time I was finally willing to be friends with them, but too late.

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