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Thursday, December 07, 2006


There's still time to see the Playhouse production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, but not much. It's well worth seeing. Director Billy Ray has put together a production of this demanding warhorse that does it justice. I could rave about the cast on a person by person basis, but I'm posting on the go so I'll make it short. I recently reread this script, and it's a bear. There are so many transitions that left me wondering how one gets from here, to there, to there. The actors have found ways to make these tricky emotional transitions. Also, they've found different levels in the script; in a bad production it would all be a long hard slog through monocrome nastiness, but they've found the light touch that so much of it needs; when it does become full-throttle nasty it packs that much more punch. And there's real love and tenderness in it, especially at the end.

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FLT3 said...

Hey, Aaron:

This isn't really a comment on WOOLF...just a big "thanks so much" for your excellent work on A CHRISTMAS CAROL. You were, as always, a joy to work with, and your performance was outstanding. Hope to see you in GUYS AND DOLLS.

Your Friend,